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Business Visa Australia | New Leaf Migration Sunshine Coast

January 26, 2017

Australia’s Business Innovation and Investment Programme encourages successful business people to settle in Australia and use their proven skills to develop business activities in Australia. There are a range of options available for business immigration to Australia. The best pathway for you will be determined by your short and long-term goals, your business background, personal and business assets and recent turnover in your business.

It is important to carefully consider what your goals and intentions are and be aware of what is required of you before commencing any application process. Each state government has their own policies and preferences regarding the types of business activity that they are interested in supporting. New Leaf Migration can provide the professional guidance and support to ensure that the whole process is well managed and you know exactly what is required at each stage in the process.

Contact the New Leaf Migration team to discuss how we can assist with your business migration pathway.