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Business Visas

The Australian government welcomes successful business people and investors who can bring valuable skills and capital to assist in development of the Australian economy. The Business Innovation and Investment Programme encourages successful business people to settle in Australia and use their proven skills to undertake business and investment activities in Australia.

There are different 4-year temporary business visas available and choosing the right one that matches your circumstances and plans is important. Once you arrive on your 4-year visa you will need to undertake the required business or investment activities to transition into a permanent residency visa. The best pathway for you will be determined by your short and long-term goals, your business background, personal and business assets and the turnover of your business activities.

Depending on your preferred destination in Australia, you will need to obtain the support of the state government to apply for a business visa. Each state or territory government has their own individual requirements.

New Leaf Migration can provide the professional guidance and support to not only ensure you select the best visa option to suit your situation but also guide you through the entire process.
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