ACT Revised Guidelines for State Nomination and Pathway to Permanent Residency

After a long period of anticipation, the ACT has finalised its revised settings for the state nomination program. The new system will be based on a matrix of factors which effectively is a points test based on the benefit to the ACT. This is a move to a competitive selection system that may be increasingly reflected in the other state programs over time. NSW and Victoria have had a competitive selection process for some time.

Since the RSMS 187 program has been effectively shut down and the blocking of permanent residency options for temporary workers on TSS visas, state nominated visas are one of the only options for many workers whose occupations have been relegated to the short-term skilled occupation list (STSOL). This change has driven many applicants towards the state nomination program. As a result, the states have had to recalibrate their settings because of getting swamped with large numbers of applicants who previously could have relied on 187 and other transitional sponsorship pathways to permanent residency.

If you are looking for permanent residency options through the state sponsored program, it is now critically important to assess the options and criteria for all states (ideally prior to commencement of studies in Australia) and assess the best options for you. Skilled migration has never been more competitive and more challenging than it is today. New Leaf Migration can help analyse your situation and work out your possible options to secure permanent residency in Australia, CALL US TODAY.