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Other Services

New Leaf Migration provide a range of services to address your individual needs, as follows:

  • Assisting with an application already lodged to the Department and needing help with a Request for Information from the Department. We can review and advise on how to best respond to such requests.
  • Skills Assessment Applications not necessarily associated with a visa application (this might occur where there is no certainty regarding the type of visa you may ultimately be eligible for).
  • Lodging a review of a decision to refuse or cancel a visa. In many cases you will have a right to have the decision reviewed at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.
  • Employer compliance, auditing of employer compliance with any ongoing obligations under standard business sponsorship agreements and advising how to rectify any issues.

Visitor Visas

For designated low-risk countries, obtaining a visitor visa is usually fast and simple.

Issues that commonly arise with visitor visas:

  • You are applying having recently spent a substantial period in Australia.
  • You have any non-compliant immigration history or a 3-year re-entry bar.
  • You have limited incentives to return to your home country (based on personal and economic circumstances in your home country).

Certain offshore embassies are more difficult to deal with than others. Striking the right tone and use of appropriate supporting evidence can often make the difference between a refusal and a grant. In some circumstances a family sponsored visitor visa may be more appropriate to the situation.

To find out how New Leaf Migration can help you obtain a visitor visa to Australia, Call Today.

New Zealand Citizens

New Zealand citizens have a unique position under Australian immigration law. All New Zealanders can obtain a visa on arrival (unless you have certain criminal history). This facilitates an ongoing stay but is not a permanent visa.

All New Zealand citizens who arrived prior to or were in Australia 26 February 2001 are considered ‘eligible New Zealand Citizens’ which is equivalent to Australian permanent residency and provides a pathway to citizenship.

New Zealanders who are not eligible NZ citizens are not entitled to Australian government benefits, including Centrelink, Commonwealth supported university places, HECS loans (although some concessions now available for HECS), admission to the Australian Defence Forces or employment in the Australian Public Service.

In some circumstances if you were present in Australia prior to 1 September 1994, you may be able to regain your permanent residency. Alternatively, there are now options for New Zealanders to obtain a NZ stream skilled visa.

If you are a New Zealand citizen seeking the security of permanent residency for you and your family, contact New Leaf Migration today to find out how we can help.