Employer Sponsored Visas

Employer sponsored visas are available in Australia, providing for both temporary and permanent visas. If you are employed or offered a skilled position with an Australian business, you may be eligible to obtain a visa through that employment relationship.

Employer sponsored migration is a complex area of law and policy. The main difficulties that arise in this area are:

  • What occupation is the business putting forward? And does it match the individual’s skills and qualifications background?
  • Do you need a skills assessment in your chosen occupation, and if so are you eligible?
  • Is the business in a sound position to be able to offer the position at the nominated salary?
  • How long does the process take? And what if the business undergoes a change while awaiting the (in some cases) lengthy processing of the visa application?
  • Issues of exploitation by some unscrupulous employers who use the power imbalance to their advantage.
  • How to move from one employer to another on a temporary work visa without running into difficulty.
  • Very high levels of scrutiny being applied to genuineness of positions sometimes leads to genuine cases being rejected, and associated appeals processes.

New Leaf Migration can provide both employers and visa applicants with professional advice in planning your employer sponsored migration pathway.

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