How it Works

How do you engage with New Leaf Migration? If you are seeking assistance with your migration matter, listed is an outline of how we commence the client engagement process.

  • First step is to contact us over the phone or through our web contact form.
  • We will undertake an initial assessment to establish what options may be available, and at this point if you want to proceed we will set up a consultation assessment. Consultation can be waived in some circumstances, but in most cases, it is regarded as an essential step in the migration process.
  • Your consultation is a 1-hour appointment with the principal registered migration agent. This is where we spend time getting to know your circumstances and can start to refine the different options that may be available for you. We can also start to explain some of the processes and eligibility criteria in more detail. You may also have various questions about the process which we can answer at consultation.
  • If it appears you are eligible, we will prepare a written estimate of fees and costs for your application or other process and a brief overview indicating our opinion on your likely eligibility. This is not a full summary advice, but a preliminary assessment.
  • If satisfied with the estimate, we will prepare a contract for services, which outlines the fees and costs associated with your matter. For us to commence work, we must have a signed agreement and payment of the initial instalment of fees as indicated on the agreement.

This is an overview of what you can expect when you engage services from our experienced team at New Leaf Migration to assist with your migration matter. Get in touch with New Leaf Migration Team today.