skilled worker visas

Skilled Worker Visas

Australia has a merit-based points-tested program for skilled migrants to obtain permanent residency. Your options will depend on the following:

  • Can you meet the minimum skills requirement in your occupation?
  • Is your occupation available for points-tested migration?
  • Can you meet the English language requirement?
  • Can you achieve enough points to receive an invitation to apply?

If you are a professional or tradesperson aged under 45, you may be eligible to obtain a skilled visa for permanent migration to Australia. You can either apply independently or with the sponsorship of a state or territory government or an Australian relative living in a designated regional area.

To succeed with a skilled visa, your occupation must be on the relevant list of occupations that allows permanent skilled migration. If this is the case, your first step is to obtain an independent skills assessment in your occupation. You may apply independently or with the support of a state or territory government. The various state governments each have their own list of in-demand occupations which are updated frequently. The common issues and difficulties that can arise with points-tested skilled migration are:

  • Difficulties selecting the most appropriate occupation that matches your qualifications and/or work experience
  • Complexities around eligibility for a skills assessment
  • Knowing whether your points level will be adequate to receive an invitation in your occupation
  • State governments updating/closing lists, removing occupations or changing nomination criteria without notice
  • Lack of certainty around when an invitation to apply will be received

New Leaf Migration can guide you through these difficulties, using our experience and knowledge to chart the best pathway to suit your individual circumstances.

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