To engage New Leaf Migration with your migration matter, follow the simple steps outlined below:

  • Contact us by phone or through our web contact form.
  • We will have an introductory phone discussion to establish how we can help you, then organise a 1-hour consultation where the registered migration agent (RMA) gets to know your circumstances and identifies the different options that may be available for you. RMA will also start to explain some of the processes and eligibility criteria in more detail and can answer your questions about the process.
  • For eligible applicants, we will prepare a written estimate of fees and costs for your application or other process, including a brief overview that indicates our opinion on your likely eligibility. This is a preliminary assessment only.
  • When you accept our estimate, we will prepare a contract for services, which fully outlines the fees and other costs associated with your matter. We require a signed agreement and payment of initial fee instalment before commencement of our work. 

This is an overview when you engage services from our experienced team at New Leaf Migration. For assistance with your migration matter, get in touch with New Leaf Migration today.

  • When applying for your Australian visa, it is of paramount importance to ‘get it right the first time’ as fixing mistakes is both costly and stressful.
  • Know Australia’s immigration law, policy and procedures;
  • Provides a realistic appraisal of what options and pathway applies to your personal circumstances;
  • Clearly explain the requirements and processes required for your application;
  • Lodge a researched and well-prepared application with all supporting documentation, which can make the crucial difference between success or failure;
  • Abides by a Professional Code of Conduct (https://www.mara.gov.au/becoming-an-agent/professional-standards-and-obligations/code-of-conduct/);

A Registered Migration Agent will have a MARA (Migration Agent Registration Authority) registration number displayed on their website (https://www.mara.gov.au/).

The purpose of a consultation is to fully understand your personal circumstances in order to establish what visas you may be eligible to obtain and identify potential barriers.

We can schedule a video conference using Skype, Zoom or a phone consultation.

Please call us at +61 7 5450 6142 or by email at info@nlmigration.com.au for more details.

Our Registered Migration Agent will advise you during your initial consultation.

No. A Registered Migration Agent cannot fast-track the Department processing of your application. However, a thorough and well-prepared application can ensure timely processing of application.